New VMware Desktop Products Released

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VMware Fusion 3.0 gone from Release Candidate to General Availability, so as  VMware Workstation 7.0 and VMware ACE 2.6

New features

  • Nested VMs.  This allows you to run ESX with guests inside of workstation
  • support for Windows7 (and it's associated new graphics APIs) and Windows Server 2008.
  • support for VMs with up to 4 processors and 32GB of memory
  • ALSA sound support for Linux
  • new "pause" feature, allowing you to pause a VM if you need some temporary processor power for your host or another VM
  • a new Virtual Network Editor

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Cisco Releases IOS Bundle of Vulnerabilities

Published by hirantha at 7:14 AM under Cisco | Security

Cisco has officially released a "bundle" of vulnerability notices for their IOS software.  The issues related to these notifications are varied and relate to TCP, UDP, Mobile and VPN vulnerabilities.

  • Cisco IOS cTCP DoS Vulnerability
  • Cisco IOS Multiple Features IP Sockets Vulnerability
  • Cisco IOS Mobile IP and Mobile IPv6 Vulnerabilities
  • Cisco IOS Secure Copy Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
  • Cisco IOS Session Initiation Protocol DoS Vulnerability
  • Cisco IOS Multiple Features Crafted TCP Sequence Vulnerability
  • Cisco IOS Multiple Features Crafted UDP Packet Vulnerability
  • Cisco IOS WebVPN and SSLVPN Vulnerabilities

More info : http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/707/cisco-sa-20090325-bundle.shtml


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Critical vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player

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Adobe has released a security bulletin today, APSB08-11, to address multiple vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player and earlier, and and earlier, that could lead to the potential execution of arbitrary code remotely. Additionally the update includes DNS rebinding attack and cross-domain policy countermeasures.

It is strongly recommended to update to the newest Adobe Flash Player version,!

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Google App Engine

Published by hirantha at 7:58 AM under Google

Google isn’t just talking about hosting applications in the cloud any more. They’ve launched Google App Engine, an ambitious new project that offers a full-stack, hosted, automatically scalable web application platform. It consists of Python application servers, BigTable database access and GFS data store services.

At first blush this is a full on competitor to the suite of web services offered by Amazon, including S3 (storage), EC2 (virtual servers) and SimpleDB (database).

However,Unlike Amazon Web Services’ loosely coupled architecture, which consists of several essentially independent services that can optionally be tied together by developers, Google’s architecture is more unified but less flexible. For example, it is possible with Amazon to use their storage service S3 independently of any other services, while with Google using their BigTable service will require writing and deploying a Python script to their app servers, one that creates a web-accessible interface to BigTable.

The service is completely free during the beta period, but there are ceilings on usage. Applications cannot use more than 500 MB of total storage, 200 million megacycles/day CPU time, and 10 GB bandwidth (both ways) per day.

One current limitation is a requirement that applications be written in Python, a popular scripting language for building modern web apps (Ruby and PHP are among others widely used). Google says that Python is just the first supported language, and that the entire infrastructure is designed to be language neutral. Google’s initial focus on Python makes sense because they use Python internally as their scripting language.

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IE8 Readiness Toolkit

Published by Hirantha at 10:11 PM under Internet Explorer | Microsoft

With IE8 coming in the not so distant future, Microsoft describes what's new for developers in this Readiness page.


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