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I have been trying to pair my windows mobile device with Mercedes Bluetooth unit. For some reason, the Mercedes Bluetooth unit could see the phone, but wasn't successful paring with it. I've been looking around internet for a while now trying to find a solution to the this issue, and have finally found a solution. This is just a combination of instructions from various  sources and I’ve put them together.

It's actually probably not the Bluetooth devices fault. Bluetooth devices identify themselves as a certain type of unit. For example, headsets as headsets, phones as phones. Interestingly, Windows mobile units identify themselves as PDA's not phones.  This need to be changed for the Bluetooth unit to recognize the phone. But this needs editing the registry of the Windows Mobile phone.

If you're not comfortable with editing the registry, don't do it. It can and will mess up your phone if done wrong. 

1. download and install CeReg editor (http://ceregeditor.mdsoft.pl/) on a Desktop PC. Its a simple registry editor for windows mobile.

2. Connect the windows mobile unit using USB and Open the registry using CeReg.

3. Edit the following value

"COD"=dword:52020C (hex)


4. Change the value to 1048852 (Decimal)


5. Reset the phone

6. If the device is already paired, delete the pairing, and start from scratch. This time it should work as the accessory is seeing the device as a phone, not a PDA.

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