Android 3.0 SDK Released

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Google has officially made available the SDK, and further official details about the new version of Android, codenamed Honeycomb.

it appears that the new version of Android does not target mobile phones, but only larger devices such as tablets, as the interface has received a complete overhaul to become more tablet friendly. New features include a new 2D and 3D framework, a new system bar (found at the bottom of the screen), an action bar for quick OS-wide actions, five new customizable home screens, a redesigned keyboard and new text selection tools.

Android 3.0 Platform Preview and Updated SDK Tools

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Google updates for Chrome

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Google has released an update for Chrome, their own web browser. From their advisory here: "Google Chrome's Stable channel has been updated to version to fix two security issues in WebKit." CVE-2009-1690 is a memory corruption which can lead to arbitrary code execution within the sandbox. CVE-2009-1718 is an information leak. Both CVE's name Apple Safari, however they also affect Google Chrome.

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Google Street View is coming to Canada

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Google will soon be coming to 11 of Canada's largest cities including Halifax, Montreal, Winnipeg and Calgary. The Internet giant will be driving around cities in the coming weeks to map the streets of Canada to include a street-eye view of streets, buildings and their surroundings.

The street view will provide users to help locate meeting spots, buildings and a better idea of their destination. With the added bonus of being able to see your own home on Google, many people raise privacy concerns, which Google is ready to handle. Images of people's faces and licence plates will be automatically blurred out, and any requested offensive images will be removed from the web site.

Google Street View - Canada will be added to the small list of available countries, including Australia, France and Britain. The popular service has been in use on Google for some time on mapping U.S. cities and streets for public view. Some popular street data has already been collected in Canada, where it will be made public soon, along with the 11 new major cities in Canada.


More info : Globe and Mail

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Google Toolbar crashes IE 8

Published by hirantha at 9:19 PM under Microsoft | Google | Internet Explorer

Google toolbar crashes IE 8 when the user goes to certain web sites. It crashed for me when I visited http://my.ebay.ca  and  http://www.google.com/ig

Way to reproduce:

  • Install Google tool bar, in my case toolbar was installed when I upgraded.
  • go to http://www.google.com/ig Google toolbar gives you a crashed warning and takes IE with it.

Severity can be high if you had already set http://www.google.com/ig as your home page because you are stuck in an endless loop that can only be fixed if you uninstall the toolbar. Note that the crash doesn't occur if you are in Emulate IE7 mode.

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