Adobe Flash 10 Released

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As far as the security features, they discuss this on one of their dev pages.

some of the security changes require action on your part.  Adobe says..... "Some of these changes may require existing content to be updated to comply with stricter security rules. Other changes introduce new abilities that were previously unavailable or restricted by security rules."

You can get the download for version here.

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Microsoft PC Advisor

Published by hirantha at 8:10 PM under Microsoft | Security | Software Development

Last week I received an invitation to participate in the (free) preview of the new Microsoft PC Advisor program. We’re “not allowed” to share the initial survey and download link. The invitation to try out the PC Advisor made some intriguing promises—the app will monitor our PC for problems and give solutions in real time and it will monitor system settings for potential pitfalls. The survey that preceded our download was even more interesting, it hinted that Microsoft's ultimate goal for the new app is complete Apple domination.

On to the software. The invitation email we received said that the Microsoft PC Advisor will:

  • Monitor your PC for problems and give you solutions in real-time to fix them.
  • Keep your PC running smoothly with important software and driver updates
  • Optimize your Windows experience with useful tips and tutorials
  • Optimize your PC by monitoring and updating settings


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